Tuesday, 31 August 2010

photos of the film's premiere: 28th August 2010 @ KijkRuimte

The film was shown at 20h15. There were about thirty people present: which is pretty much the maximun capacity of KijkRuimte's screening room. After the screening, people could appreciate the photo exhibition and have a drink + a piece of chocolate cake and a smoke at the garden... Reactions were greatly enthusiastic. People that have been following the project say that there has been a great leap forward with this Monster adventure. It became better technically and artistically, going deeper and more directly to what really are the Green Monster's intentions.

In the KijkRuimte I made a sort of retrospective of the Green Monster project so far: images from Aleppo, Beirut (the flyers and posters) a brief story of how the project started, sketches from the making of the costume... There was also a map of Amsterdam with my notations and photographic research, and a recreation of the "confession corner": give me a story, I'll give you a cookie. On the opposite wall and going all the way into the corridor, one could see an extended exhibition of Nuno Santos' excellent photos together with Tabitha Kane's beautiful text about the Monster. On a TV screen, Susanna's Brenner initial "ferry footage" was shown in a loop. 

Monday, 23 August 2010

flyer / poster

28th August: Premiere film The Green Monster in Amsterdam Noord

During a week last May, I walked in Amsterdam Noord as a Green Monster. I covered almost all neighborhoods in Noord. People's reactions were filmed.
A rough cut was shown to the local community twice in the last months. Discussions followed.

A final edited version collecting material from the shooting and the following discussions is to be seen next Saturday the 28th at the Kijkruimte, in Amsterdam Noord.
The film is a reflection on the nature of human relationships, the desire to belong and our connection with the Other. It also shows Amsterdam Noord in it's full glory: popular, warm, rough, true.

I would love to see you there! Come and enjoy it with me.

A project in collaboration with KijkRuimte.
With the support of Amsterdam's Fonds voor de Kunst and Gemeenten Amsterdam Stadsdeel Noord.
A special thanks to Merel Willemsen, Tabitha Kane, Samar Shalaan, Floor van Doorn, Henk Ras, Chris Keulemans, Mark Jansen, Felix Ritter, Susanna Brenner, Petra Ardai, Luc and Zsofi van Loo, Jelle Kuiper, Maaike Smeels, Reuben Wijnberg.